Lala Poutine– What we do.

We are a award winning food company! Best potato dish from the Irish Times #EP2017
Lala Poutine is the first and only caterer in Ireland of its kind. We bring the taste of Canada home to Ireland. We bring you the taste of their beloved Poutine!!

What is it??

A magical food which leaves your taste buds senseless!!
Or to be more exact.: Poutine is like a mixture of gravy and cheese. Nestled beautifully on a bed of French fries.
Lala Poutine brings poutine to the next level, by adding slow roasted, expertly cooked meats of your choice.
For most Canadian’s, Poutine is like the soul mate of beer. The two combined leave a pleasure from your lips to your toes!! Intense flavours. Intense satisfaction.
(Hence the phrase, “ Go Lala for Poutine!!”)

Voted Best Poatato dish by The Irish Times! #EP2017